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Design, inspection, production and storage: we handle the whole chair and seating component supply chain process in-house, to be confident of delivering high quality.


01 Design

Each Cerantola chair and component stems from lengthy market research and design efforts. Our R&D team draws on the talents of experienced designers, who have already earned a name in the industry, as well as young up-and-coming professionals.


02 Raw materials

We utilize both metal and plastic to produce chair components, with in-house recycled material accounting for most of the latter. Our collaboration with longstanding suppliers means we can count on a steady supply of high-quality materials, which are key in the manufacture of our products.


03 Advanced manufacturing

Precision moulds, presses with a clamping force of up to 1,100 tonnes, robotic welding, the best 6-axis bending technologies, and much more: each piece of machinery on our manufacturing equipment list has been chosen to contribute to the top quality Cerantola is famous for.


04 Inspection and testing

All Cerantola seating components and finished products are inspected both in-house and independently by third-party certifiers before they can be released for sale. We employ the most advanced tests in the market to offer our customers consistently top-rate products.


05 Quality control

With production handled entirely in-house, we are in a position to examine the product at each stage of the supply chain, ensuring every single item is of the highest quality. Not content, we also have a specialist team tasked with performing an additional final quality inspection to ensure consistency in features and performance over time.


06 Storage and distribution

With enough storage space to accommodate 14,000 pallets, we have up to 50 vehicles come through every day. The highly automated warehouse allows us to reduce lead times drastically, for fast and efficient distribution worldwide.